First App

I am about to submit my first iOS app to iTunes.

Stay posted!


2 thoughts on “First App

  1. Eric Prossnitz

    I love the night time app. I’ve been looking for an clock for my night table that worked vertically and maximized the size by splitting the hours and min just the way you did it!!!!! I have an old iPod gen 2 running iOS4.something (as up to date as it can get). Is there any way to run your app on on old iOS??? or can I download an old version of your app that would work on this iPod??

    Thanks very much.


    1. nickfanger Post author

      Wow thank you for your kind words!

      Sorry but I think the earliest you can get Nite Time for is iOS6

      I am developing these apps as a hobby in my free time so time is constrained and I don’t have enough time to make the apps very backward comparable.


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