Work Time

A new app called Work Time was just approved and is now in iTunes.


iphone 5 PT all styles

Don’t leave your iPhone asleep on your desk, put it to good use. Plug it in and use this App. Not just a clock, Work Time is your second screen. The time, date, calendar, your schedule of upcoming events, and current weather conditions all at a glance.

Insanely simple to use. Elegant in its execution. Incredibly useful.

In the US, weather and short term forecast powered by “DARK SKY”. Never get caught off guard by the rain again.

International weather provided by “World Weather Online”.

– Large easy to read clock.
– Current month and date.
– Scrollable list of all your upcoming events.
– Current weather and short term forecast. (powered by “DARK SKY” in US).
– Never get bored with over 10 different styles and colors to choose.
– Dock it any way you want, it supports landscape and portrait orientation.
– iPhone 5 optimized.

I wanted this app but could not find its equivalent in the app store, so I made it for myself. Now I use it every day at work. Give it a try. You will not be disappointed.


Translated into over 30 languages. Including English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Swedish, Thai, Portuguese, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Danish, Finnish, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian, Hindi, Greek, Arabic, Hungarian, Hebrew, and more.


8 thoughts on “Work Time

  1. Wil

    Nick! Loved Nite Time, so I purchased Work Time today – also great. Thank you for designing both these apps. Could Work Time get the brightness control? Also, it would be great to be able to select which calendars are displayed; it’s showing all the Facebook birthdays even though I have that calendar turned off in iCal, and I would like Work Time to just show my *work calendar! Thanks for your consideration and continued development — Wil.

    1. nickfanger Post author

      Thanks for the kind comments and suggestions! I’m a little new to this development stuff. I’ve spent the last year learning to write apps for iOS and then the last 2 months using only free time to working on these apps so feed back whether positive / negative or just suggestions is appreciated.

      Regarding your suggestions, you are a genius Wil! I do not turn off any of calendars so it did not even occur to me. I asked my wife about it and she said yeah she turns off the facebook birthdays too. I’ll look into implementing the ability to disable calendars. As for the swipe to adjust brightness, that should be pretty easy for me to add, so look for it in the next update.

      Great suggestions!

      1. Wil

        Thank you Nick! Your quick response is greatly appreciated. I hope you are able to make enough on your apps to warrant the extra development time.

        My only other wish would be for an iPad verision; all the administrators in my district have one, and I’m sure I could convince them to use Work Time. Keep up the great work. — Wil.

    2. nickfanger Post author

      iPad version would be great but there are other fish in the pan so it will wait.

      The updated version with adjustable calenders and and brightness is a little over half way done.

      What do you think of the themes? Which do you use?

      1. Wil

        Thanks Nick. We are eagerly awaiting the update and eventual iPad version.

        Right now I use ‘Garnet’ because my work time is late at home and it matches Nite Time. I think ‘Bolt, Mercury & Tungsten’ are the strongest themes for daytime use!

    3. nickfanger Post author

      Version 1.1 of Work Time was just submitted.

      Main changes include:

      Swipe up / down on clock to adjust brightness.
      Remove calendars from being displayed.

      Cross your fingers for a pre Christmas approval. :)



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