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Oh Yes! Nite Time trouble solved

Nite Time 1.3.2 is now in the App Store.

This version includes a fix to the 1.3.1 upgrade bug.



Oh No! Nite Time trouble

If you just updated to Nite Time 1.3 and the app crashes, please delete the app and re-install.  This will resolve your problem.  I know this can be annoying but please be patient with me.  I am an independent developer working on these apps in my free time.  With only two iPhones to test on it is difficult for me to foresee every potential problem.  Regardless of the challenges I am quick to respond to any issues you may have.

I have already found and fixed the bug and I have already submitted the fix to Apple.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have questions, comments and or technical trouble  please email at:

Nite Time Version 1.3 now in iTunes app store.

4 in PT all stylesThe third update was just approved!

Upgrade in the app to unlock these new features:

  • Are you tired of looking at the same boring red numbers?  Upgrade to unlock 15 new exciting new colors.
  • Do you stumble around in the dark at night when you have to wake up?  Upgrade to unlock a new flashlight feature.  You can press the flashlight button or just give your phone a little shake to turn the flashlight on or off.

These and any future features will be unlocked with a one time $0.99 in app purchase.

I think the shake to turn on and off flash light alone is worth the purchase price.



Work Time Version 1.1.1 now in the iTunes app store!

The critical Celsius error has been fixed, and was approved by Apple.

No more crashing!  Please update your app as soon as possible.

While I was at it a fixed a few other minor things including:

  • The blue arrow settings button is now in the correct location in landscape.
  • The Calender table view screen style is now consistent with the rest of the settings menu.
  • The single letter week day labels are consistent with your “Region Format” setting.
If you don’t see it in your local app store right away please wait a hour or two, it takes Apple a few hours to roll it out to all the stores.
Thanks for your patience.  Enjoy!