Monthly Archives: October 2013

A new app for your new iPad!

Yesterday  Apple announced their new iPad Air, and iPad Mini with retina display.  Both devices look to be phenomenal machines.  As Apple pushes the boundaries of technology to deliver amazing tablets, I can’t help but wonder what my app Work Time would look like built for the iPad.

Well, with all the iOS 7 updates out of the way, I was able to add some cool functionality to Work Time, letting you add, delete, and view events. Now I’ve turned my time towards developing a version of Work Time written specifically for the iPad.

Work Time HD will be a stand alone app (sold separately).  It will not be just a blown up version of Work Time but a rethinking of the apps functions and how they can be optimized for the larger screen.

I’m already close to half way done with the alpha version.  I hope to get this in the app store not to long after the new iPad’s hit the store shelf.