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Got Music?


My Music 1         My Music 2

I am almost done with my next app!

It is a todo list for music. You can keep track of artists / bands you like.

I listen to a lot of iTunes Radio and Pandora while I work. I hear new artists all the time and I usually jot them down on a paper to check out later. I always lose the paper and forget all about that cool new artist. :(

Never again! Now I keep track of them with my new app. With the app I can read more about the artist, check out their discography, and even search for you tube videos. Ultimately I can even link to the iTunes store and buy their music.

I am still trying to come up with a name for the app. So far I have thought of:

My Music     –     Music List     –     Music Mark     –     Music Time     –     Player

But I can’t decide. In the comments below tell me what you think it should be called (your own idea or one of mine) and I just might use your idea. The first 20 people will get a free promo code for the app when it is released :)