Monthly Archives: August 2014

On the way to 8!

Thought I would post a quick update. I am hard at work updating my apps for iOS 8.

I have had the beta version of iOS 8 on my phone for over a month and it looks promising. It opens a lot of doors previously closed to developers. I can’t wait to see what other developers do with the new tools. I am also excited to show you the updates I’ve been working on.

I hope to have updates ready the day Apple releases iOS 8 publicly, but I may not finish all of the apps. As a hobby developer, time is constrained. However, I personally use all my apps pretty much daily, so I am highly motivated to keep them up to date.

I am also working on a new little app called On This Day. It will use the new iCloud stored photos to show pictures you took a year ago in a nice widget in the today view of the notification center.

Regardless, I need more time in the day! :)