NF & HFHi.  My name is Nick Fanger.  I am a structural engineer by training and by trade.  I currently work in the entertainment rigging industry here in sunny southern California.

I am also a iOS developer.  I started by writing in-house apps for the company I work for.  What started as a hobby has since progressed into a full blown obsession.  I am now branching out and commercially releasing apps I originally built for myself.

This is what Thru Bolt is about: building useful intuitive iOS apps.  Enjoy!

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    1. nickfanger Post author

      You cannot make the app the lock screen :( Apple does not let any developer add dynamic content to the lock screen. You can only add a static wallpaper image.

      If Apple ever opens up this type of functionality to developers I will update Work Time immediately to take advantage of that feature.

      The way I use the app is: First I start the app and leave the phone on with the app open. Make sure you plug in your phone so the battery doesn’t run down. Then I have the time, day and my calendar, and the forecast at a glance.
      Let me know if you need more help.

      Enjoy! and don’t forget to rate the app :)


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