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Work Time HD for iPad now in the app store!

I finished the iPad version of work time and got it approved before the holidays.  I call it Work Time HD to distinguish it from its iPhone counterpart.


It took a lot longer then I wanted it to, but it was worth it.  I love how it turned out.  It is a very useful app and it looks great too.  Check it out in the app store!

01 iPad Air 1536x2048      02 iPad Air 2048x1536


A new app for your new iPad!

Yesterday  Apple announced their new iPad Air, and iPad Mini with retina display.  Both devices look to be phenomenal machines.  As Apple pushes the boundaries of technology to deliver amazing tablets, I can’t help but wonder what my app Work Time would look like built for the iPad.

Well, with all the iOS 7 updates out of the way, I was able to add some cool functionality to Work Time, letting you add, delete, and view events. Now I’ve turned my time towards developing a version of Work Time written specifically for the iPad.

Work Time HD will be a stand alone app (sold separately).  It will not be just a blown up version of Work Time but a rethinking of the apps functions and how they can be optimized for the larger screen.

I’m already close to half way done with the alpha version.  I hope to get this in the app store not to long after the new iPad’s hit the store shelf.

Pending an Apple Release

Apple is set to release iOS 7 publicly this Wednesday.  I’ve been working furiously since June to update my apps.  I decided to make the updates for iOS 7 only, and will now no longer be supporting older versions.  Since I develop these apps by myself during my free time, I have very little time available to work on the apps.  Therefore my time is best spent adding the latest features of the iOS to my apps instead of supporting older versions of iOS.

Fortunately Apple has just started to allow users running older versions of iOS  to install legacy versions of apps that are no longer supported by their software.  This means while my latest version of my app will only be able to be run on iOS 7, if you are running an older version of iOS you will be able to download an older version of my app.

I’ve already submitted the iOS 7 versions of my apps to Apple for approval and 2 of them have already been approved and are “Pending an Apple Release”! :)

I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on for the last few months.

Something 7 this way comes…


iOS 7 will be out sometime later this year.  I’ve been running a developers beta for a couple of weeks now and it looks great.  I’m excited to update my apps to run on this great new OS.  I’m sure you all can’t wait to try it for yourself, so to help make the long wait a little bit easier I’ll be pushing out small updates to all my apps that will give you a small taste of what is to come :)  If you have questions or comments email me at:  or message me on twitter at @nickfanger

New version of Nite Time and Work Time!

Nite Time     Version 2.0


-App is universal. It runs full screen on your iPad or iPhone.

-10 new fonts!

-2 new dark themed colors. Thanks Tanja.

-Fixed AM PM bug when system clock was set to 24h.

-various other fixes and improvements.

Work Time     Version 1.3

– Updated the weather service to the great new service by the makers of Dark Sky.

– Toggle between week, day, or hour forecast information (where available).

– Add your location manually or let it use your current location as before.

– Fixed a number of bugs related to receiving bad information from the weather service. The app is much more stable now!

– Weekday now shown in header for each days events.

– Long event names will properly truncate.

– A few design changes, including an additional theme for all you purple lovers :)

– App runs faster.

– Few more bug fixes.

New version of Nite Time and Work Time!

Nite Time     Version 1.4

Your brightness setting is now saved!

Simply swipe up or down on the clock, or use the brightness slider on settings page to adjust your phone’s screen brightness.

Proximity sensor is now enabled.

If you flip the phone face down or forget to close the app before you slip the phone in your pocket, the phone’s proximity sensor will trigger and turn off the phone’s screen, saving you battery life until you flip it face up or take it back out of your pocket.

Option to turn off “Shake for flashlight” feature.

Preview the various color options before you upgrade.

I added a “Contact Me” button to make it easy for you to send feedback and get support regarding this app.

Handful of bug fixes but most importantly:

Fixed AM PM for some locations.

Work Time     Version 1.2

Slight optimization.

Few bug fixes.

Changes to settings menu including, “Contact Me” button to make it easy for you to send feedback and get support regarding this app.

Work Time Version 1.1.1 now in the iTunes app store!

The critical Celsius error has been fixed, and was approved by Apple.

No more crashing!  Please update your app as soon as possible.

While I was at it a fixed a few other minor things including:

  • The blue arrow settings button is now in the correct location in landscape.
  • The Calender table view screen style is now consistent with the rest of the settings menu.
  • The single letter week day labels are consistent with your “Region Format” setting.
If you don’t see it in your local app store right away please wait a hour or two, it takes Apple a few hours to roll it out to all the stores.
Thanks for your patience.  Enjoy!