Nite Time App


An insanely simple clock app to place at your bedside. Big clear numbers, easy to read in the dark. Looks great in landscape or portrait. Perfect for your nightly docking / charging.
This appputs the time first and gets the rest out of your way.
-All new for iOS 7
-Supports landscape and portrait orientation.
-iPhone 5 optimized.
-Red digits easy to read at night.
-Brightness controlled by a swipe up or down.
-12h or 24h clock supported.
-Battery icon indicates charging and battery level.
-Display Date.
In the settings pick and choose what you want displayed. Remove everything for a simple to read bedside clock.

I use this app every night. I love it so much I’m giving it away for free, to you!

Upgrade in the app to unlock these new features:
-Are your eyes tired of looking at the harsh red numbers? Upgrade to unlock 15 new refreshing clock colors.
-Do you stumble around in the dark at night when you have to wake up? Upgrade to unlock a new flashlight feature. You can press the flashlight button or just give your phone a little shake to turn the flashlight on or off.

These and any future features will be unlocked with a one time $0.99 in app purchase.

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21 thoughts on “Nite Time App

    1. nickfanger Post author

      Can you email me a screen shot to “help.thrubolt AT gmail DOT com”.

      I would love to be able to fix this for you but I have been unable to produce the situation you describe.

      What Language and Region Format do you use?

  1. Ted Walter

    I absolutely love this APP, and use it every day. It’s terrific.

    Could I ask you please to give us the option to totally turn off the flashlight feature.

    I often scoop up my phone quickly off the table, or out of my pocket, and when I do the flashlight turns on every time. It’s annoying, and I really don’t need a flashlight.

    If I did ever need it, I could just turn it back on again in the Settings Menu.

    Thank you,


  2. Ted Walter

    While I’m at home, your app is always active on my iPhone set to the dimmest mode so I have instant control of screen brightness, and access to my iPhone.

    Another awesome feature you might consider adding to this app would be the Proximity Sensor.
    This would cause the screen to go black if either I put it face down on the table, or in my pocket, thereby saving battery power.

    I currently have several apps that do this, and it really truly is an awesome feature.

    Thank you,


  3. Frank

    Hi, thanks for this great app; it’s the only clock I will use from now on! But why can’t I download it on my old iPod?
    Kind regards,

    1. nickfanger Post author

      Thanks for downloading the app and upgrading! I’m sorry to hear about the issue you are having with the app. You are actually the 3rd person that has reached out to me with a similar problem.

      I’m currently going through the code used to communicate with Apple during an upgrade. Hopefully I’ll come up with a solution and push out an update. (it will be after the Holidays as Apple is closed to the developers this week).

      In the meantime there are a couple of things you can try:
      Try deleting and reinstalling the app. Followed by a restore of your purchase.

      Check to make sure the purchase even went through, Apple would have sent you a receipt.

      Check to see if the app works for you on another iOS device.

      For further help with the matter please email me at:

      Have a happy holiday!

  4. D

    Why does the proximity sensor, when used, turn off the clock? – I want the clock to be not shown UNTIL you pass your hand over the sensor (and the clock appears for 5 secs or so) is this possible?

    1. nickfanger Post author

      No sorry that is not possible :( As a developer I have extremely limited control over the proximity sensor. I can’t even switch it on or off. All I do is send a message to the phone saying its ok for the proximity feature to work. The phone has total control.

  5. jkvisuals

    Firstly congrats on a superb app. By far the best looking clock on the App Store and so simple as well. Sadly because of the nature of the iPhone’s screen it’s just too bright if I leave it on all night even on the lowest brightness. What would make it perfect for me is, like another user has commented, the ability to invert the proximity sensor function and have the screen time out by default and then only show for a few seconds when a hand is waved over it. Now that would be an absolute clincher – I’d never use anything else at night.

    Also it would be awesome if the brightness could be controlled separate to the global brightness of the phone so when coming out of the app I don’t have to readjust it.

    Just thoughts from a user – would be amazing if you could ever incorporate these.

  6. jkvisuals

    I echo ‘D’s comment. Would be awesome if the proximity sensor function could be inverted as well as even when on the lowest brightness the screen is simply too bright for me to have on all night. Also of the brightness of the app could be separate to the global brightness of the phone that would be perfect so I don’t have to readjust the phone’s brightness every time I leave the app.

    Great work – it’s the best looking clock on the AppStore for certain.

    Cheers. Jonty.

    1. nickfanger Post author

      See my response to D regarding inverting the sensor.

      As for your second question:
      There is now app only brightness. It is global or nothing.

      I do however have a work around. You can either leave the app with Nite Times brightness setting or with the default iPhone brightness.

      It is a bit complex… Once you set the brightness in app if you want to return to the phone’s previous brightness setting you have to double click on the home button to bring up the app switcher and then click the home button once more. If you single click out it keeps the apps brightness setting.

      Its a crappy work around but it was all I could do with what Apple will and won’t let the app do once the home button is clicked.

  7. Kit

    Hi, is it possible to put an alarm in the app? I love the large numbers, and prefer to have one app running overnight so a built in ala would be great.

    1. nickfanger Post author

      Thanks for downloading the app!

      I thought about adding them in when I first started writing the app but I’ve always been satisfied using Apple’s built in alarms (they are always reliable, they work even with the phone on mute). Therefore adding alarms to Nite Time would be redundant, at least for my use, so I worked on other features instead.

      Since then I’ve certainly thought about how to add an alarm to Nite Time and how I would make them more useful than the built in alarms but there is still a lot of other things I need to get to first.

      Maybe in some future update.

      Thanks for the feedback! and don’t forget to rate the app :)


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