Pending an Apple Release

Apple is set to release iOS 7 publicly this Wednesday.  I’ve been working furiously since June to update my apps.  I decided to make the updates for iOS 7 only, and will now no longer be supporting older versions.  Since I develop these apps by myself during my free time, I have very little time available to work on the apps.  Therefore my time is best spent adding the latest features of the iOS to my apps instead of supporting older versions of iOS.

Fortunately Apple has just started to allow users running older versions of iOS  to install legacy versions of apps that are no longer supported by their software.  This means while my latest version of my app will only be able to be run on iOS 7, if you are running an older version of iOS you will be able to download an older version of my app.

I’ve already submitted the iOS 7 versions of my apps to Apple for approval and 2 of them have already been approved and are “Pending an Apple Release”! :)

I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on for the last few months.


Can’t buy me love!

You may have noticed…

Love Time is no longer free.  It used to be free with an in app purchase that would unlock colors, fonts, and alerts.

It was being downloaded ~400 times a day with ~ 4 upgrades a day.  So a lot of downloads and very few upgrades.  My other apps do better so in order to justify spending the time required to update Love Time for iOS7, I decided to shake things up a bit by charging $.99 upfront for the app with no in app purchases required.

So far for the first week, Love Time is purchased ~8 times a day!  Double the revenue.  Needless to say I am currently working on its iOS7 update :)

As always if you want to get in touch email me at: or message me on Twitter @nickfanger

Something 7 this way comes…


iOS 7 will be out sometime later this year.  I’ve been running a developers beta for a couple of weeks now and it looks great.  I’m excited to update my apps to run on this great new OS.  I’m sure you all can’t wait to try it for yourself, so to help make the long wait a little bit easier I’ll be pushing out small updates to all my apps that will give you a small taste of what is to come :)  If you have questions or comments email me at:  or message me on twitter at @nickfanger

New version of Nite Time and Work Time!

Nite Time     Version 2.0


-App is universal. It runs full screen on your iPad or iPhone.

-10 new fonts!

-2 new dark themed colors. Thanks Tanja.

-Fixed AM PM bug when system clock was set to 24h.

-various other fixes and improvements.

Work Time     Version 1.3

– Updated the weather service to the great new service by the makers of Dark Sky.

– Toggle between week, day, or hour forecast information (where available).

– Add your location manually or let it use your current location as before.

– Fixed a number of bugs related to receiving bad information from the weather service. The app is much more stable now!

– Weekday now shown in header for each days events.

– Long event names will properly truncate.

– A few design changes, including an additional theme for all you purple lovers :)

– App runs faster.

– Few more bug fixes.

Section – now in the app store!

A new app called Section was just approved and is now in iTunes.

Section Icon

Section in app store

Are you an engineer? Do you play one on TV?

I am a licensed structural engineer and I developed Section as a reference app I wanted but could not find in the app store. Now that I have it, I use it all the time. When I am at work, on the job site, or wherever engineering problems need to be solved Section aids me in my calculations.

It is incredibly useful to be able to calculate the section properties of various sections without having to carry a big reference books around.

If you are a practicing engineer, student, professor, or fabricator you will want this app.

Section does not have a terrible user interface we are all so accustomed too in our typical engineering apps. A lot of time was spent crafting a user interface that is extremely functional and simply pleasing to look at.

The app has all the standard sections you would find in most reference books. Not only can you see the required formulas, the calculations are done for you.

I hope you find Section as useful as I have!

Section an app for engineers

Are you a civil or structural engineer?  Do you play one on TV?

I work as a structural engineer during the day, and it has always been my intention to develop some engineering apps.

The next app I’ve been working on is just that.  It is called Section, and it will be a calculator / reference for the properties of various geometric sections.  So far it looks great and I’ve already been using the alpha version at work.  I’m looking forward to finishing this one up so I can work on a few needed updates to the other apps!

Section - I shape

Section – I shape

Section – Hollow shape with slide out key pad

New version of Nite Time and Work Time!

Nite Time     Version 1.4

Your brightness setting is now saved!

Simply swipe up or down on the clock, or use the brightness slider on settings page to adjust your phone’s screen brightness.

Proximity sensor is now enabled.

If you flip the phone face down or forget to close the app before you slip the phone in your pocket, the phone’s proximity sensor will trigger and turn off the phone’s screen, saving you battery life until you flip it face up or take it back out of your pocket.

Option to turn off “Shake for flashlight” feature.

Preview the various color options before you upgrade.

I added a “Contact Me” button to make it easy for you to send feedback and get support regarding this app.

Handful of bug fixes but most importantly:

Fixed AM PM for some locations.

Work Time     Version 1.2

Slight optimization.

Few bug fixes.

Changes to settings menu including, “Contact Me” button to make it easy for you to send feedback and get support regarding this app.