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  1. Cruise

    I use iPhone 4 ios6.01
    When I change temprate F to C
    If I reopen the program
    The error happens Cant open it
    Enless I uninstall it and install it again
    But still can’t change temprature F to C

    系統iOS 6.01

    1. nickfanger Post author


      Thank you for purchasing Work Time!

      Please note there is a critical error (bug) in the current version of Work Time that will cause the app to crash a lot when the temperature is set to Celsius. I’ve fixed the error and resubmitted to Apple but due to Apple taking off a week during the Holidays I do not think it will be approved until the first week of January.

      Until Apple approves the fixed update I suggest you use the app with only the Fahrenheit setting, and wait until the next version is approved.

      If this is untenable, I can send you a fixed version if you are willing to sign up as a Beta tester.

    1. nickfanger Post author

      I am so sorry to hear this! I hope I will be able to help you.

      Please delete the app and re install it.

      If it continues to crash on start up please answer the following questions:

      Did you purchase the in app upgrade?
      Do you have in app upgrades enabled?
      What language setting do you use?
      What region format setting do you use?
      What country are you located in?

      Please email me your response to:

      Thank you for your patience,


    2. nickfanger Post author

      Thanks for you feed back. Thanks to you and others feed back I have found and fixed the problem. Now I am waiting for Apple to approve the update.

      In the meantime deleting and reinstalling the app will fix your problem.

      thank you for your patience.

  2. Juan

    I bought the application in Apple store, but when i try to open it inmmediately closes.
    There is something o can do?

    1. nickfanger Post author

      Hello Juan,

      Thanks you so much for your purchase! I’m sorry to hear about the problem. I will do my best to help you.

      What app did you purchase? Work Time or the Nite Time upgrade?

      The first and simplest thing you can do to try and fix it is:

      Delete the app and re-install it.

      If that does not work let me know at:

      And we can see if we can fix the problem.

  3. Richie

    Is there any possibility of squeezing in a colon or something to separate the numbers? Not flashing though, I hate flashing.

    1. nickfanger Post author


      Thanks for your support in downloading this app, and especially for taking time to provide feed back!

      I considered a colon in the original design of the app but opted not to include it.

      My primary goal was to get the clock digits as large as possible. I have terrible eyesight and can barely see the digits without glasses as they are now. With the addition of a colon they would only get smaller.

      While the colon in original digital clocks was useful as a divider between dissimilar segments of time, most of us are familiar enough with digital clocks to understand the first 2 digits represent the hour and the last 2 represent the minutes without using a colon as reference.

      I actually like the look without the colon. It has a simpler cleaner look.

      Thanks again for your feedback!


    1. nickfanger Post author

      First of thank you for downloading the app and for taking the time to provide feedback.

      I wish I could add the feature you suggested, unfortunately Apple does not let developers add anything to the lock screen :( If Apple ever does I be right on it.


      Nick Fanger

    1. nickfanger Post author

      Thanks for downloading the app. I hope you enjoy it.

      As for the year, It doesn’t matter what year you put in. It will always calculate the number of days from today until the the next calendar date that matches the month and day you put in. I know the picker lets you add a year, but that is only because Apple’s date picker won’t let you remove the year option.

      Maybe in a future update I will code a custom date picker that does not have a year, so as not to be confusing.

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Nick Fanger

      1. nickfanger Post author


        Early on in the development of Love Time I had the date a specific day and year and you could set it to repeat weekly monthly yearly etc. it started to get confusingly complex.

        So I made a design decision to make the dates year agnostic and automatically repeat on a yearly bases. This narrows the focus and use of the app but it does not sacrifice simplicity.

  4. Derek Cortes

    I’ve just started using Work Time and it’s great since I dock my iPhone but is there any way to show the current weather report outside of leaving my GPS on for the app? As it is, my phone battery is shot so using I fear using location services and enabling Work Time GPS access will shorten my battery life.

    Is there a way to set up area code weather settings/could you do that if it’s not already offered?


    1. nickfanger Post author

      Great idea!

      I am currently working on an update to Work Time that among other things includes this feature.

      I am a few days away from submitting to Apple so it should be a couple of weeks before it is approved.

  5. Tiziano

    Fantastic App pity that there is a defect I think we would also like the ability to enter the Alarm Mode The maximum would be

  6. Eydie Ruth

    I subscribe to Apps Gone Free. This app, which looks perfect for me, was listed but when I clicked to download, a price came up? Is this app free, as listed, today or not? Please help. Thanks!

  7. Jason Crustjavic

    I update my calendars often. Work Time does not sync to my calendars unless I power off my iPhone. Is there a way to manually force sync?

  8. Sally breaker

    Downloaded Love Time app on my iPad mini, yet it did not install on any of my home screens, so I can’t use it or delete it. Have to go to purchased in App Store to find app to click open which is real a inconvenience. Hope you can help to install your icon on my home page like my other apps. Thanks.

    1. nickfanger Post author

      Wow sounds very odd.

      Can you get to it by searching in spot light?

      Can you see it in your computers iTunes interface when you have your phone plugged on and you are at the app management page?

      You might also try restarting your phone.

      1. Sally Breaker

        Happy to report that it showed up this morning on my home screen. For some reason, the icon is in black & white without the heart though! Thanks for your quick response (with excellent ideas), and thanks for the app itself as I highly recommend it.

  9. sparkyinfla

    1st of all love the style of app , great job.
    After I upgraded version nothing appeared to be any different, did I miss something??
    Thanks, Sparky

    1. nickfanger Post author

      Thanks for downloading the app and upgrading!

      Did you get a receipt from Apple? If you go to the settings in the app and select “Contact Me” and email me from there it will add a footer to the bottom of your email indicating wether the app thinks you’ve upgraded.

      If you have gotten a receipt from Apple and the app still hasn’t upgraded you can restore your purchase for free by navigating to the page you purchase the upgrade and tapping the text that says “Already Purchased?”

      The free version of the app can only use one font and one color, Helvetica Bold and red. After you upgrade you can use any of the colors and any of the fonts shown in the app.

      Can you change the color? Can you use the other fonts? Does it give an error message?

      Thanks for being patient. I’ll do what I can to help you out.

  10. lopidad

    Great app, Nick, thanks.
    Unfortunately brightness changed in your app affects main brightness of the iPhone.

    Are you interested in having a suitable translation to german language for the description in the app store. Contact me.

    Kindest regards,

    1. nickfanger Post author

      Thanks for the kind words!

      Brightness control is an interesting problem. I think I’ve come up with the best solution given the current developer constraints. Let me explain how it works:

      Once you set the brightness in app, if you want to return to the phone’s previous brightness setting you have to double tap the home button to leave the app through the app switcher instead of the typical single tap.

      Its a crappy work around but it was all I could do with what Apple will and won’t let the app do once the home button is clicked.

      Thanks for reaching out to me. If you ever have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.


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