Work Time HD App

Work Time for the iPad!

The best desktop clock!

Don’t leave your iPad asleep on your desk, put it to good use. Plug it in and use this App. Not just a clock, Work Time HD turns your iPad into your second screen. The time, date, calendar, your schedule of upcoming events, and current weather conditions all at a glance.

Insanely simple to use. Elegant in its execution. Incredibly useful.

Weather and short term forecast powered by from the team that made the “DARK SKY” app. Never get caught off guard by the rain again.

– All new for iOS 7.
– Large easy to read clock.
– Current month and date.
– Scrollable list of all your upcoming events.
– Tap on event to edit and delete.
– Tap on small + to add new events.
– Current weather and short term forecast. (powered by
– Never get bored with 14 different styles and colors to choose.
– Dock it any way you want, it supports landscape and portrait orientation.
– iPad optimized.

I wanted this app but could not find its equivalent in the app store, so I made it for myself. Now I use it every day at work. Give it a try. You will not be disappointed.


01 iPad Air 1536x2048         02 iPad Air 2048x1536


12 thoughts on “Work Time HD App

  1. Clark

    Downloaded and redownloaded work time HD for Ipad and it still won’t come up. Liked the concept but can’t get it to work.

    1. nickfanger Post author

      You can’t control brightness in Work Time HD.

      You can in Nite Time and in Work Time by swiping up and down on the clock numbers. This is a feature I plan on adding to Work Time HD.

    1. nickfanger Post author

      I think your idea is great. Unfortunately Apple does not let developers dynamically change their app icons. So while Apple can change their icons (clock and calendar) We are stuck with a static picture :(

      If Apple ever lets developers change them I’ll be sure to add that feature!

      Don’t forget to rate the app if you get the chance, it helps :)

  2. Garrett

    I have a suggestion if it is not too difficult. What about instead of three months of calendars in the right column, one month with forward/back buttons and then use the remaining space for stocks and world clocks. Better yet, make those optional so that users have a choice of one calendar, stocks and world clocks, two calendars and either stocks or world clocks or three calendars. You’d have to code the app to retrieve the stocks and to get the correct time for the cities added to the world clocks but it would make the app even more useful for those of us who work with others around the world in real time.

    1. nickfanger Post author

      I’ve thought about making the app module and letting the user select 1X1 1×2 2×1 or 2×2 blocks with various content options and arrange them as they see fit. Clock, Calendar, Events, Reminders, Stocks etc.

      This is the ideal vision for the app. As a solo hobby developer I’m running into time constraints in making that vision a reality.

      Maybe in the future :)

  3. Enrico

    Hi, excellent app! One important (and easy) suggestion, though: all-day events should not appear as happening at midnight (00:00), but maybe without any associated time at all! Is there any hope?


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